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Microsoft Releases Another SQL Server 2008 CTP

I've seen plenty of blog entries saying this has not yet shipped, but I've just been to the download site and SQL Server 2008, November CTP is definitely there:


There are several people talking about it, such as SQL 2008 CTP5 First Glance, however perhaps the best item I saw was from Steve Lamb who was offering "Would you like with free technical support to help you deploy Windows Server 2008, System Center".  I think that would be a yes :-)

Microsoft Releases Another SQL Server 2008 CTP

This third update includes compatibility with Windows Vista and the upcoming Windows Server 2008.

"SQL Server 2008 running on Windows Server 2008 provides customers with trusted and secure access, high availability through revamped failover clustering, and simplified scripting through Powershell," Francois Ajenstat, director of product management for SQL Server, told eWEEK here at the TechEd IT Forum conference, which starts Nov. 12.

This latest CTP, which Ajenstat likens to a traditional second beta, has a lot of substance and new features, he said, noting that the SQL team is targeting one more CTP prior to the product's launch in late February 2008.

This latest update to the software also brings with it new features, such as a resource governor, which enables users to define resource limits and priorities for different workloads to ensure predictable performance, and backup compression, which requires less storage to keep backups online and which runs significantly faster since less disk I/O is required, he said.

Another new feature, transparent data encryption, enables the encryption of an entire database, data files and log files without the need for application changes. "Encryption enables organizations to meet the demands of regulatory compliance and overall concern for data privacy," Ajenstat said.

Also included are new cube design tools to help users streamline the development of the analysis infrastructure, enabling them to build solutions for optimized performance, while block computations help improve processing performance, allowing users to increase the depth of their hierarchies and complexity of the computations, he said. 

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Posted Mon, Nov 19 2007 9:25 PM by David Overton

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