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How to modify the Windows Vista Aurora, bubbles, mystify and ribbons screensaver hidden settings

I saw this and thought I would share it for those who want to customise the screen savers that ship with Vista.

Windows Vista Aurora Screensaver Hidden Settings

For those of you who are using Windows Vista, you may have noticed that the screen savers that are included do not contain any settings. Actually, they do, but Microsoft didn't include options dialogs for them.

Long Zheng posted the settings for the Bubbles, Mystify, and Ribbons screensavers back in September before Windows Vista officially shipped. But he didn't post the settings for Aurora.

Through a little bit of digging and guess work, I've uncovered one registry key that actually works for customizing the Aurora screensaver. Let's get started, shall we?

Kristan Kenney: Confessions of a Windows Enthusiast : Windows Vista Aurora Screensaver Hidden Settings




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Posted Tue, Dec 11 2007 10:25 AM by David Overton

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