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Happy New Year and 1tb drive failures

I've managed to not blog for a week, which I think is a miracle for me and I am also enjoying the freedom of not working or doing anything too strenuous for the brain.

I did think it was worth saying "Happy New Year" to you all and to say that I will be back.


On the technology front I had fitted my system under my desk with an additional 1TB of storage to enable further file duplication, however this USB Storage Device has caused more system hiccups than it was worth, so it will be being resigned to another less strategic use in the home - I'm just not sure exactly what yet :-)


Have a great New Year and see you when I get back to work on the 7th January.  Its been fun doing this for another year.




Posted Tue, Jan 1 2008 10:59 PM by David Overton
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