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How to do mapping on a mobile device or laptop without GPS, earn money while contributing to the project and mapping the world using GPS, mobile cell and WiFi access points (Navizon Peer-to-Peer Wireless Positioning system is the product)

I've started looking at this application and found it better than I had hoped.  It is simple - it triangulates your position using Wifi and phone cells and emulates a GPS should you need it for another application.  It also uses GPS to capture the settings from the other two items and give them a more accurate placement, so learning information about masts, power etc.

So, I've been using this to map my common routes and earn points (*which has just changed as a process), but in a week I've earn't 3274 points and I have not been driving every day and my trips have been short.  Once I earn 10,000 points I get $20 courtesy of PayPal.  I expect to get a significant amount of those points today on my 2 hours drive to a partner and back.

I can also earn points by getting an award for signing people up and them doing the same as me.  To sign up for this, go to http://my.navizon.com/Webapps/UserAdmin/register.aspx?referral_code=5D565A5E5C5E which includes my reference code (5D565A5E5C5E).  Being referred by me does not decrease any points you get, just adds some to me as a nice way of saying thank-you for referring.  You can obviously get your own referral code too.


One last thing - to load the application onto my phone I had to unlock it to allow non-signed apps (or apps not signed by Orange to be more specific) to run.  This was simple and is detailed at http://uksbsguy.com/blogs/doverton/archive/2008/01/24/unlocking-my-windows-mobile-6-device-htc-virgin-lobster-700tv-orange-e650-to-load-non-signed-applications.aspx




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Posted Thu, Jan 24 2008 10:23 AM by David Overton

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