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What Bill Gates said he will be working on once he stops his full time role - from 2008 Partner Pre-launch event


I had the pleasure of attending this event today.  The last item was Q&A with Bill Gates and there were a number of questions that you will be able to watch and listen too in the future.  However, the one that I thought was most interesting was this one:

"What will Bill be doing in his part time capacity with Microsoft and what will the Bill and Melinda Foundation focus on?"

His reply was roughly (I made a few scribbled notes, so I hopefully have the gist, if not the words):

Ray Ozzie and Craig Mundie will take care of the "one Microsoft and R&D function"

Bill will focus on 3 areas:

  • Search - still have lots to deliver from the various teams - we have just started to see the beginning of this - in both internet and enterprise areas
  • Office - Bill has always had a keen interest in this area and it will continue.  Things to be included are Modelling and declarative rules
  • Natural User Interfaces - more voice, touch, gesture and general non-keyboard interaction with technology

For the foundation:

  • Healthcare systems - including disease management in poorer countries
  • Malaria vaccine
  • Use of mobile phones in disconnected regions to share skills, diagnosis and information
  • Micro finance transactions to facilitate these operations
  • Metrics to enable measure of success and targeting
  • Would like to think that within 10 years had a big impact - reduce big diseases in poorer countries by having a vaccine / treatment for around 1/2 of the illnesses (could not say which ones as investing in many areas, but hoped for it to include Malaria)


That was it - much more to follow (about the rest of the event)


Posted Wed, Jan 30 2008 10:53 PM by David Overton


Search and High Performance Computing wrote An audience with Bill Gates...what will he be focussing on now?
on Fri, Feb 1 2008 10:20 AM

I was fortunate enough to be invited to listen to Bill Gates at his last official appearance in the UK

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