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Read between the lines of the recent Google/Yahoo/Microsoft announcements

I saw this and had to share ... just a little too much truth in them I think :-)

The Google Strategy Will Backfire

We forget that Google is still a very young company. But they just reminded us ... Continue


Parsing Yahoo!: What Makes You Think We're Desperate?

Given its grim outlook as a stand-alone company, Yahoo! suppresses its glee as it steps into play ... Continue


Parsing Google: Don't Trust the Old Bully, Just the New One

Parsing Google: Only benevolent giants like us should be able to buys things ... Continue


Parsing Microsoft, the New Champion of Choice

Protecting the existence of alternatives to a dominant player used to seem like a bad idea in Redmond. Suddenly, Microsoft is using the language it has fought against for so many years ... Continue


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Posted Mon, Feb 4 2008 10:39 PM by David Overton
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