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Microsoft Windows Essential Server Solutions - Which one is right for you?


There is lots of information on how to choose the right Essential solution for you (SBS Std, Premium, EBS Std or Premium.  A quick sample can be seen below (there is much more on the web site):

Which Solution Is Right for You?

Learn how the Windows Essential Server Solutions are designed to fit specific needs for small and midsize business. Find which solution will be the right choice for you and your company’s needs. Remember, each business is unique – consult your Microsoft Certified Partner to help determine the best solution for you.

Your Need

Windows Small Business Server 2008

Windows Essential Business Server 2008

Standard Edition

Premium Edition

Standard Edition

Premium Edition

Company Size and Growth

Our company needs a secure network for 250 or fewer users today

Microsoft Windows Small Business Server 2008 supports up to 50 users or devices.

Microsoft Windows Essential Business Server 2008 supports up to 250 users or devices.

Our business is growing at a fast pace and our IT needs are expanding.

As your business needs change, these products provide a “technology building block” for additional servers and a seamless transition to the full line of Microsoft Server products, using Transition Packs. We recommend you decide based on your 1-yr and 2-yr growth plans, as well as on your current and future application and performance needs.

We are acquiring other companies and need to connect with their data and email immediately until we can incorporate everything into our server network.

The Windows Essential Server Solutions products are meant to be the primary network and email system and not a down-level branch office or subsidiary solution.




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