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Microsoft Windows Server 2008, Visual Studio 2008, SQL 2008 Launches - Heroes Are Happening Right {Here} Right {Now} in L.A. (well, it was when I went to the web page)

The launch is finally upon us.  2 of the 3 products are ready, willing and able to work in your business and the 3rd has just delivered another CTP. In the UK we are looking at press events right now, but we have a customer event on the 19th March.  To register you need to go to the virtual launch experience:



On the Server blog David Lowe wrote about the event and gave some great pointers to more information on blogs

Even if you couldn't make it to LA. yourself, or if you haven't been able to register for one of the other 200+ launch events around the world, check out the Virtual Launch Experience online for an incredibly rich and interactive experience that is almost as good as being here. I'll post further updates later today on some of the launch announcements and cool things that are happening here.

In the meantime, you can read our full launch press release on the Server and Tools Business News Bytes blog, and you can read more detail on these announcements on the following blogs:



Posted Thu, Feb 28 2008 7:40 AM by David Overton

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