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More ways to engage with customers using the Microsoft advertising campaigns

[updated 4th March]

Many people congratulated Microsoft after the Mr Busy campaigns allowed partners to drive their customers back to them using a MS campaign.  Well, this is now being repeated for a number of campaigns.  Today I found the click and go site to get them all (http://www.campaigns.arvato-services.com/).  You can get 200 post cards or 1,000 e-mails for free and then a low price for additional cards/ e-mails if required.  The campaigns covered include:

  • Business Productivity
  • Customer Acquisition and Retention
  • Security and Reliability
  • Small Business PC
  • Mr Busy

This method of engaging is not new to the Small Business team and others have covered this before (eg Susanne here), but it is worth re-highlighting this now as some of the campaigns have been renewed, so go back and visit the site!!




Posted Tue, Mar 4 2008 9:00 PM by David Overton

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