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Internet Explorer (IE8) beta 1 now available ... Wow


We all new that the super standards mode was coming, but look at all the announcements today, including the downloads:

IE8 and CSS 2.1 Testing

Since I joined the IE team at the beginning of 2007, it has become clear to me how important it is for web developers to predict how a given browser will work. I’ve certainly heard and read how very important it is to web developers to minimize the cost

IE8 and JScript

As Dean mentioned yesterday in his post announcing the availability of the Internet Explorer 8 Beta 1 for developers , better script performance is of particular interest to the developer community. In conjunction with Dean’s announcement, the JScript

Activities and WebSlices in Internet Explorer 8

If you’re like me, you’ve found that it’s pretty hard to keep track of all the new services and sites out there, let alone the ones we use every day. I bookmark my favorite sites and services, but still spend a lot of time trying to find them. A couple

IE8 and IP Licensing

Some of the first things users may notice in the Beta 1 release of Internet Explorer 8 are new features such as Activities and WebSlice. We recognize that the technology behind Activities and Webslice relies on innovations that have come out of the community,

Why Isn't IE8 Passing Acid2?

Although we said that IE8 Beta 1 passes the ACID2 test , some of you may be seeing results like the image above; we thought we should explain what’s going on. IE8 passes the official ACID2 test hosted on http://www.webstandards.org/files/acid2/test.html

IE8 Beta Feedback

It’s exciting when we have a new beta to release! The launch of IE8 developer beta is a huge milestone, and we have set up various mechanisms to collect feedback. Before I list out all of our feedback channels for IE8 betas, I want to explain what we

Internet Explorer 8 Beta 1 for Developers Now Available

This morning at the MIX conference in Las Vegas, the IE team made eight announcements about IE8. The most interesting for many people is that a developer beta is now available. Download it here . The rest of our talks and demos focused on seven other

Follow IE at MIX08 From Home

MIX08 kicks off in Vegas tomorrow! We’ve got a few sessions lined up and the event opens this year with IE General Manager, Dean Hachamovitch, being among the keynote speakers. For those unable to attend, you can follow along at home by keeping an eye

As you would expect, the world has an opinion on it:

IE 8 beta is out. Is it better- Yes. Is it good- Hmm

Playing With Internet Explorer 8 Beta

OK, so I'm off to download it and find out what I need to change on my page!!

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Posted Thu, Mar 6 2008 10:56 PM by David Overton

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