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PhotoZoom using Silverlight and DeepZoom (aka SeaDragon) technology - mine is on Star Wars, but we could create a SBSC one


The above technology is built using Silverlight 2.0 beta that was announced at MIX08.  You can upload photos or import via an RSS feed.  I did the later, bit it occurred to me that we should start something like this for SBSC and ISV partners.

To see the effect, go to http://photozoom.mslivelabs.com/Album.aspx?alias=Doverton&album=1 and then zoom in and out using the +/- in the top left corner or the scroll wheel on your mouse.  It is quite amazing!

Hat tip to Steve for this one



Posted Tue, Mar 11 2008 2:13 PM by David Overton


David Overton's Blog wrote If you liked the Deep Zoom (aka Sea Dragon) tool, then you will be blown away by the preview of the Deep Zoom Composer
on Thu, Mar 13 2008 9:55 PM

I created my Star Wars Deep Zoom preview and really liked it, but then contacted the author of the site

Tim Long wrote Two Dragons
on Tue, Mar 18 2008 1:43 PM

Via David Overton , there's a preview of Microsoft's " SeaDragon " technology which

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