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I've been called something's before, but this is the 1st time I've been call the "The British Scoble(iser)"

I was at a Citrix event last week.  It was a good event with my role explaining to people that "no", Microsoft and Citrix don't hate each other and in fact our technologies are very, very complementary.  I'll post on the Microsoft, Citrix, Virtualisation (Terminal Services, Application, Desktop and Server) later, but part way through I got talking to Jon Silk from Lewis and we discovered that we both blogged to communicate with the world and have a conversation.  I happened to mention the fact that I had 1.5M page hits last month and about 65,000 unique people (excluding search engines) visit the blog every month and look what he wrote...

The British Scoble(iser)

I met David Overton, ISV Partner Account Manager at Microsoft, at a conference today. We nervously circled each other over the bad coffee making polite comments. Then he let slip that his blog gets 65,000 unique visitors a month and I realised I was talking to the UK's answer to you-know-who.
Check out his approach to blog design. We are at opposite ends of the spectrum... Even so, I'll be following him from now on (via RSS, where it can't hurt my eyes so much).

Now, while this is very, very flattering I don't think I have quite the same outlook, access or sponsorship as Robert Scoble did while he worked for Microsoft, but I do get reasonable access to businesses of all sizes and tend to speak my own mind!!  I'll try to live up to the brand... so as always, feedback is grateful!!




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Posted Mon, Mar 17 2008 3:51 PM by David Overton


Vijay Singh Riyait wrote re: I've been called something's before, but this is the 1st time I've been call the "The British Scoble(iser)"
on Mon, Mar 17 2008 8:06 PM

Absolutely, but I enjoy reading your blog posts more than Scoble's because they are firmly routed in the Partner Community and you're not just out there to just build the "David Overton" global brand!

I think your technical knowledge sometimes hides that great business acumen you have and the ability to put technology into the overal picture of running a business.

Just my humble opinion :-)

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