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Are you a “Wizard bigot”? So you think that SBS is a poor quality, cut down version of Windows Server? Do you think that SBS admins are small in capability?

Unfortunately there are people who answer yes to the questions above, so lets get some things straight – if you think that:

SBS is bad.  There were dark days in the SBS 4.5 and 2000 time (to a small extent) when people thought SBS did not work, did not perform and was clobbered down with stuff that made people hate it.  Now Days SBS 2003 is amazing and is built on top of Windows Server 2003 with lots of good stuff extra too.

SBS is insecure. SBS is not only as secure as Windows Server 2003, but since most of the work of securing the system is done for you, it stops you missing silly and obvious things.  SBS 2003 R2 even ships with WSUS enabled and a system for telling you if your systems are patched (yes, desktop and server).  For a fun look, see Hack That!

Wizards are for wimps. I don’t understand those people who insist on not using the wizards.  Yes, SBS 2003 has all the tools of Windows Server 2003 underneath, but why why configure everything by hand when a wizard will do 1/2 hours work in 1 minutes.  If you then need to tweak the settings (and that means tweak because it helps the business, not because you prefer everything to end in an even number), then you can still do so – all the of the product features are still there, including all the low level tools.

SBS can’t do everything that Windows Server can do. Well, the answer is almost.  It does have some restrictions on it, but they are really simple and nothing to do with application compatibility or ability to work inside a small business:

  • 1 domain (as many other DCs and servers as you want – have a look at Ultimate Server Rave and )
  • 75 CALs, so no enterprise
  • Only 1 SBS Server per organisation, but as with the domain question – you can have as many Windows Servers in the domain as you want.
  • Also look at Tech-knowledgey


I love SBS, but to help you convince others, why not have a look at a few places:

For information on the Myths -

Presentation: Dispelling Common Myths About Windows Small Business Server 2003 R2

Are you prepared to answer customer questions about SBS 2003 R2? Get an overview of product features and licensing scenarios as well as a list of common misperceptions about SBS and why they're incorrect.

Windows Small Business Server Truths Revealed

Myths abound about the flexibility and scalability of Windows Small Business Server (SBS) environments. The truth: SBS can work in most complex server-workload scenarios, from multiserver environments to line-of-business applications and remote access. Read about Microsoft Partner experiences. Learn about the robust capabilities of SBS. The benefits of deploying the platform and how you can satisfy the needs of your small-business customers - and increase revenue - by selling them the right solution.

or for customers, send them to http://www.microsoft.com/windowsserver2003/sbs/evaluation/topmyths.mspx

To punish those bad wizards from the past have a look at Punch A Wizard Game and then understand more about them look at Wizards.


Finally, have a look at Hello World! and all the items on the blog to understand more about what SBS can do!!







Posted Wed, Mar 26 2008 3:12 PM by David Overton

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