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Where in the world has David been?

I’m really sorry that everything has been so very quiet on the blog front – work has just been maxing out and I even took some personal time out – I’ve now been married for just over ten years and to celebrate Mrs Overton and I visited Niagara Falls for the weekend.  It was a wonderful time and worth the break, however I now need to get my skates on.


IMG_0486 IMG_0485
Niagara Falls from our hotel room American and Honeymoon Falls from hotel room


Before that I was planning and helping an ”EBC” or Enterprise Briefing Center with a number of UK ISVs.  The trip gave insight to these Partners and an opportunity to discuss next steps on working together.  It certainly helped me in my conversations with COA Solutions:


This week I will be working on SBS 2008 materials for publishing when the technology preview becomes available.  I also have a back log of other information to share about Microsoft, SaaS, ISVs, partners and more.






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Posted Wed, May 21 2008 2:29 PM by David Overton
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Vijay Singh Riyait wrote re: Where in the world has David been?
on Thu, May 22 2008 12:18 AM

Congratulations on the marriage front - but you should do what I'm doing for my tenth wedding anniversary and going off to WPC! Will you be there this year?

David Overton wrote re: Where in the world has David been?
on Thu, May 22 2008 12:26 AM


I think you have a VERY understanding wife.  I will be entertaining at WPC this year, but I will be around.



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