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Proof that SBSC partners can grow from 1-man businesses into Microsoft Certified Partners – and still be good for small business – congrats Richard Tubb

I remember the name Richard Tubb being mentioned a few times over the last 2 year and remember him on some of the Live Meetings I delivered and then he launched his blog. One thing that was apparent from his questions, contacts and especially his blog is that this is a man that “got it”.  Now there are a few others that I believe live and breathe this attitude and to name some and miss others would be bad, so I wont name any (if you want to know if your on my “I love you man” list, drop me an e-mail, but I’ve probably told you or made time for you, which is a good hint), but one thing about living your life by certain principles is that you still have to live your life.  By got it, I mean:

  • is solution, not product oriented
  • Is value sensitive, not price sensitive
  • Believes in the value of the community
  • Is prepared to stand up and be counted for his opinion – which is his, not others
  • Will tell you when he things you are talking… erm… rubbish!!
  • Believes in good processes (eg service plans, documentation etc)

If you look at his blog, you will see the above, so it is nice to see the business grow and achieve an amazing milestone.  Richard is still a great SBSC partner, but now he is ALSO a Microsoft Certified Partner. Well done -

TubbBlog: Netlink IT achieves Microsoft Certified Partner Status

I'm chuffed to announce that Netlink IT achieved Microsoft Certified Partner Status this past month gone.

After striving to reach the level this Certification demanded for quite some time, the achievement of reaching the goal-post almost got lost in the business that taking on new staff, moving into a new office and re-organising the business brought on!

It was March 2006 that Netlink IT became a Microsoft Small Business Specialist Partner - and two years on I think that the SBSC certification, and in particular the benefits of working with the community that surrounds the "blue badge" from that certification, have significantly helped me to grow the company to the stage it's at now.

I'm hoping that Microsoft Certified Partner Status helps me grow the business further still.


I’m always happy to shout about great partners, so if you have something to shout about, let me know and either myself and / or Microsoft will shout too.




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Posted Tue, Jun 10 2008 9:07 AM by David Overton


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on Wed, Jun 11 2008 12:47 AM

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Richard Tubb wrote re: Proof that SBSC partners can grow from 1-man businesses into Microsoft Certified Partners – and still be good for small business – congrats Richard Tubb
on Wed, Jun 11 2008 10:18 AM

Thanks David - appreciate the comments! <blushes>

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