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Want MIX08 in the UK? Then come to ReMix08 in Brighton on 18th and 19th September and save if you book an early bird place now

I love what goes on at these events.  It would be good to see you there.  Here is the little advert:

ReMix UK 08

Final chance to save £110. Very limited Early Bird places left - don't say we didn't warn you!

1,000 web developers, designers, development managers and technology evangelists are going to take the media they love to the next level. Why? Because ReMix UK 08 is getting bigger and better.


Scott Guthrie

Scott Guthrie
Developer Track

Bill Buxton

Bill Buxton
Design and UX Track


For Designers, Developers, the Community and Beyond Work


Julie Howell, Fortune Cookie

Brendan Dawes, Magnetic North

Paul Foster, Microsoft Evangelist 

Guy Smith-Ferrier, Capella

Tim Regan, Microsoft Research

Mike Taulty, Microsoft Developer Evangelist

See the website for the growing list of speakers...

What's in the mix

Panel discussions to Interactive Mash Ups

Designers and developers hand-in-hand to

All day VJs to conceptual walls

Open Source project, CodePlex

Backnetwork to Moo cards

Photosynth master classes to Microsoft Surface

Our international act to geek bars

Swag giveaways to inflatable lounges

Designing for compatibility and for the wild

Visualising books to sneak previews

The latest developments in IM, VE and IE8

Latest developments in RIAs and SSDs

WPF and Silverlight applications at work

The technology

Silverlight | Deep Zoom | Mobile | Expression | ASP.NET/AJAX
Windows Live services | XNA | Partnering with Microsoft | Photosynth
Robotics Studio | Data | Microsoft Research | Popfly | Advertising

It's a full-on interactive event. Be a part of something special. Don't forget the Early Bird offer and register today at www.microsoft.com/uk/remix08/.

Early Bird price £239 (inc.VAT), full price £349 from the 301st ticket.


See you there!




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Posted Thu, Jul 31 2008 6:03 PM by David Overton

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