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What software could you not live without – tell Windows Vista Magazine?

I’ve just noticed this blog post on the Windows Vista Magazine - What software could you not live without?

We’re searching for the 100 best programs for Windows Vista – and we need your help!
By James Stables on 08 July 2008

In our October 2008 issue we will be compiling a list of the 100 best pieces of software which power up Windows Vista. These are the pieces of software you would never run Windows without, which make a difference to your everyday life and that you would recommend to all other readers.

We want to hear your ideas to make sure no stone goes unturned and no program is left out. This is a great opportunity for the Windows Vista Magazine community to share the combined experiences and knowledge that help make this one of the most diverse magazines on the market.

Leave us a comment saying what should be in our software top 100.

I’ve just left my list, which to be complete is also below:

My core products:

To tweak my UI experience:


Other utilities I love:




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Posted Thu, Jul 31 2008 2:35 PM by David Overton


Andy Parkes wrote re: What software could you not live without – tell Windows Vista Magazine?
on Thu, Jul 31 2008 3:03 PM

Apart from the software you have already mentioned...


I use the browser so much nowadays if i find myself on PC that doesn't have IE7PRO on it i start randomly waving my mouse about trying to get mouse gestures to work!

I've just flattened my new PC so i can get Vista 64-bit loaded and IE7Pro was the first thing i loaded

It has so many useful tools i can't live without it

Crash Recovery

Tab History

Shortcut key to open previously closed tabs

Spell checker add-in

Incremental search

those are just the things i can think about without actually opening the program!

Useful Outlook Tools « Andys Techie Blog wrote Useful Outlook Tools « Andys Techie Blog
on Thu, Jul 31 2008 3:21 PM

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