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I’m a PC and I’m a school governor

Microsoft’s campaign now has David (UKSBSGUY) in it!!


I love PC’s, I love freedom to choose between a PC, a MAC or anything else, but I CHOSE PC’s. 

I love SBS 2008 and I love small businesses that make the world go round. 

I also love my family and I’m amazed by the people at my local infants school, so I give back by being a school governor.


If you want to know more about the school, go to http://www.yateley-inf.hants.sch.uk/index.html.





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Posted Sun, Nov 23 2008 1:28 AM by David Overton


Susanne Dansey wrote re: I’m a PC and I’m a school governor
on Tue, Dec 29 2009 1:23 PM

Look at you all famous! Great to see you recognised for the work you do over and above the MS stuff :)

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