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SBS 2008, Installation, Migration and Configuration – Chapter 4 - Installing SBS 2008

Installing SBS 2008

This chapter covers the installation of SBS 2008 on a new system, either as a first server in an organisation or as a new server into an organisation with SBS 2003.We will:

  • Install the operating system
  • Install the SBS components
  • Configure basic IP network settings
  • Get system updates
  • Confirm your company information
  • Create an administration account for new systems
  • Name the server
  • Install anti-malware tools
  • Resolving installation issues

This starts from the most basic piece of installing the server itself.



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Posted Fri, Apr 10 2009 8:36 AM by David Overton
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David Overton's Blog wrote David Overton's first book - Installing and Configuring SBS 2008, including migration from SBS 2003
on Wed, Apr 22 2009 7:20 AM

[updated 22nd April 2009] Hi, This page is not quite finished, however the book is! If you are interested

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