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SBS 2008, Installation, Migration and Configuration – Chapter 12 - Working with SBS Services as user

Working with SBS Services as user

To get the business benefit from SBS 2008 you will need to embed the use of the services and facilities use into the users psyche to enable them to benefit from it and use it.

In this chapter we will cover the following areas:

  • E-mail, Calendar and Contacts
  • File Management
  • Remote access to the server, network and services

Many people believe the above are simple and well known, but taking Outlook as an example, learning how to do the tasks below in Outlook on a PC and via Outlook Web Access is often a real productivity tool.

  • Viewing yours and other people’s calendar
  • Scheduling a meeting for multiple people and ensure their diaries are all free for the time period
  • Telling people when you are going to be away or unavailable
  • Finding e-mails that have been filed
  • Recovering e-mails that have been deleted and removed from the deleted items folder





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