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SBS 2008, Installation, Migration and Configuration – Chapter 13 - Introduction to SBS 2008 management

Introduction to SBS 2008 management

All computers, like cars, need regular maintenance, but unlike cars where this can be a once a year exercise and perhaps even once every two years, this needs to be done more frequently with SBS 2008.

In this chapter we will cover the daily checks and what to consider if they are not all green on the reports.

I start by covering the basic tools available before I cover off the steps to be worked on.

  • Windows SBS Console
  • Windows SBS Console (Advanced Mode)
  • Windows SBS Native Tools Management
  • Exchange Management Shell
  • Command Prompt run as Administrator

I also work through the following checks:

  • Daily maintenance check via reports
  • Maintenance areas
    • Security
    • Backup and Recovery
    • Forefront Updates
    • Storage
    • Event Log Messages
  • Troubleshooting common problems
    • External Network
    • Internal Network
    • Spam
    • Poor Performance

The Windows SBS Console Advanced mode


Native Tools Management


Exchange Management Shell


How to do a full, bare metal backup


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