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Windows 7 appreciation continues to grow

I saw these three articles and thought I would share.  How are you getting on with Windows 7?  And for those who say that Vista adoption was very poor, it was not statistically different to that of Windows XP, so you can't just say "oh, that was Vista, XP was much better!"

Adoption of Windows 7 Continues to Swell

Computerworld - February 01, 2010

Windows 7 took just three months to reach a penetration benchmark that Windows Vista needed almost a year to reach, according to a report by NetApplications.


SMBs Step Up Plans to Adopt Windows 7

eWeek - February 02, 2010

Small and midsize businesses (SMBs) are accelerating plans to migrate to Windows 7, according to a global survey conducted by network management specialist Spiceworks.


Customer Satisfaction with Windows 7 Rises

Bloomberg News - February 01, 2010

Microsoft has received a bigger boost in customer satisfaction from Windows 7 than Apple did from its most recent upgrade of Mac OS X, according to market research firm YouGov.

On my own site, Windows 7 has clearly overtaken Windows Vista and is having an impact on Windows XP too.

UKSBSGUY adoption - through January 2010




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Posted Wed, Feb 3 2010 8:23 AM by David Overton

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