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Windows Intune book chapters

I'm now about 1/2 way through the Microsoft WIndows Intune book, which is great.  Please feel free to ask any questions as I can always incorporate the answers into the book. I thought I would share the chapters for everyone which are:

0.       Preface

1.       Overview of Cloud Computing

2.       Introduction to PC Management Concepts

3.       Overview of Windows Intune Features

4.       Signing up for Windows Intune and installing the client software

5.       Configuring Windows Intune

6.       Pro-active Management

7.       Monitoring and dealing with alerts, including remote assistance

8.       Using and deploying Windows 7 Enterprise with Windows Intune

9.       Integration with existing Microsoft Products 

The book will walk through with a large number of images each of the above as I understand them.  I can honestly say that it has been a pleasure exploring Windows Intune and now sharing this will be great fun.  As they say, Bring it on!!

I'm hoping to have finished all drafts in the next couple of months and I now have four people signed up to review the book, to which I'm very grateful for their time.



Posted Sat, May 7 2011 1:32 AM by David Overton

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