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Microsoft Case Study: Windows Intune - 70 person IT services company

Hi all, I thought I would share this Windows Intune case study that has just gone up on Microsoft.com.

IT Solutions Provider Offers Simplified PC Management with Cloud-Based Solution

“Windows Intune fills the support void that many customers experience for desktop environments. It's the perfect PC management tool.” - Rod Giesbrecht, Chief Executive Officer, Imaginet

Business Needs

Imaginet offers managed services and custom software development to hundreds of customers worldwide. Many of its customers with dispersed workforces did not have the resources to monitor and manage their client computing environments. Imaginet realized that many of these customers did not have full-time administrators and instead relied on technically astute employees to manage desktops in addition to their regular duties.

Without an IT professional to monitor client computers, those computers were often vulnerable to malicious software. Plus, without the technical resources to diligently perform maintenance tasks, when customers did experience an issue with their desktop environment, it was often severe enough to bring business to a halt.


Imaginet turned to Windows Intune, a cloud-based PC management and endpoint protection solution. To evaluate the solution first hand, Imaginet adopted Windows Intune to manage 10% of its client computers in March 2011. It takes advantage of the administration console, which administrators can access from any browser enabled with Microsoft Silverlight 3 browser technology, to schedule critical software updates, manage security policies, and monitor PC health.


Imaginet sees several ways its customers can benefit from Windows Intune.

  • Using the cloud-based solution avoids the need for additional IT, which helps reduce capital expenses.
  • Imaginet can schedule critical updates for its customers’ remote workers, which helps those customers ensure a security-enhanced, uniform PC environment.
  • Imaginet and its customers can use a single solution to manage a variety of tasks from a central location for simplified IT maintenance.
  • The company can be more proactive in supporting its customers remotely—enhancing its already-strong managed services offering.

Microsoft Case Study: Windows Intune - Imaginet




Posted Wed, May 11 2011 8:50 PM by David Overton

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