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Windows Intune book update

Windows Intune Packtpub temp cover - RAWWell, I’ve finally finished the drafts for all chapters of the soon to be published book called Microsoft Windows Intune, Quickstart Administration.  It would have been sooner if my lovely mother had not fallen ill and passed away.  I don’t regret the delay in finishing the book, but that we had so little time in the end and that she was not here to see it finish.  The book is now awaiting review and editorial updates before it is finally published.

Update - 2/10/2010 - Since the launch of Windows Intune V2 is so close, I'm updating to V2 now.  This means that you can no longer access the work in progress chapters.  I hope to resolve this in a few weeks time.

The book has undergone some structural changes while I was writing it.  The chapters are now:

1. Overview of Cloud Computing 2. Introduction to PC Management Concepts
3. Overview of Windows Intune Features
4. Signing up for Intune and installing the client software
5. Configuring Windows Intune
6. Configuring management policy
7. Tracking and reporting
8. Monitoring and dealing with alerts, including remote assistance
9. Resolving problems using Microsoft DaRT
10.Using and deploying Windows 7 Enterprise with Windows Intune
11.Integration with existing Microsoft Products

You can access the book “in progress” and buy it from here.

Once this is solidly out the way and the V2 beta has stabilised I will look to work on a V2 book too.




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Posted Sat, Aug 27 2011 12:45 PM by David Overton

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