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Microsoft Windows Intune, Quickstart Administration Book moving to Intune V2


Given the closeness of Windows Intune V2, I have decided with the publisher to update the book with the Version 2 updates and images.  This will mean a slight delay in the book as I can’t finalise it until V2 is released to market.  Today I’ve been going through the beta for Windows Intune V2, updating the images, reports and adding content on the new features.  The ones I’ve spent some time on or plan to spend time on are:

  1. Installation – Done
  2. Image based deployment – Done
  3. Administrator management – Done
  4. License Management – Done
  5. Policy Setting – Not started
  6. Software distribution – Captured screen shots, need to insert into book
  7. Non-Microsoft update distribution – Captured screen shots, need to insert into book
  8. Reporting – Not started
  9. Alerts – Not started
  10. Right Click menus – updated in sections above that are completed

My goal is to get the book completed again before October 17th and then to print ASAP for V2.

BTW, for great Windows Intune information, look at the official blog at http://blogs.technet.com/b/windowsintune/




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Posted Sun, Oct 2 2011 9:27 PM by David Overton

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