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Windows Intune V2 Released–it may take a little time to update existing customers

So I’ve got a bit Windows Intune batty at the moment.  The book is now finished and in review and today I got this lovely e-mail from Microsoft about my own subscription (yes, I do use it myself)

What’s new in the October release?

Software Distribution. Centrally deploy most software to managed PCs from the Windows Intune administration console.

Remote Tasks Right-click the name of a computer to perform actions—run a malware scan, update malware definitions, or force a restart.

Extended License Management In addition to many Microsoft® volume licenses, manage most of your Microsoft retail licenses, Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) licenses for Microsoft software, and most third-party software licenses. *

Enhanced Reporting and Filters Create detailed reports on your hardware inventory with new filters, including Manufacturer, Chassis type, Available disk space, Memory installed, and CPU speed.

Read-only Administrator Access When adding service administrators to your Windows Intune account, you can select whether to grant full administrator rights or read-only access to information.


If you have Windows Intune it will take a little while (weeks, not months) for the account to be migrated over, however if you sign up for a trial today you will be provisioned on the new service straight away.




Posted Mon, Oct 17 2011 10:20 PM by David Overton

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