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Free internal use Windows Intune, Office 365, Dynamics CRM Online licenses for Microsoft Partners through Cloud Essentials and Cloud Accelerate

While asking at Microsoft of any information they wanted me to share about Windows Intune Olivia asked me to share this.  I think this is so key, I will share this on the blog too.  Something to remember is that you can join Windows Intune ticketing up to Dynamics CRM Online for a more joined up helpdesk experience.

Cloud Essentials is a free programme for all MOSPA-registered partners, without sales or reference obligations. Partners just need to sign up at www.microsoftcloudpartner.com and they can then sign in at this portal to receive the following benefits:

Internal user rights for:

250 licences of Office 365

25 subscriptions for Windows Intune

250 licences for Dynamics CRM Online

Marketing resources

Demo showcase

Profitability Modeller

Online technical communities for Cloud

Listing as Cloud Essentials partner on Microsoft PinPoint online marketplace

For partners who are actively selling Cloud, they could become Cloud Accelerate partners after completing three deals (with 150 aggregated seats) of Office365, Intune and/or Dynamics CRM Online, they would receive the following additional benefits:

· Increased internal user rights for Intune (100 subscriptions)

· Prioritised listing as Cloud Accelerate partner of Microsoft PinPoint online marketplace

· Marketing resources

· Demo showcase

· Profitability Modeller

· Online technical communities for Cloud

· Microsoft Office 365 Practice Accelerator

· 20 partner technical advisory hours

· Specialised Cloud training

More information can be found about this on www.microsoftcloudpartner.com, or for any partner queries around this scheme please feel free to forward my details.

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Excellent information if you were not aware.


Posted Wed, Nov 16 2011 8:32 AM by David Overton

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