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Windows Cloud Essentials Pack–Microsoft Partners can get Windows Intune internal use for free (and Office 365)

Windows Intune MPN Technical Assessment for Windows IntuneI’m really proud to have passed an exam towards my The Cloud Accelerate program as you can see from my certificate on the left.  I have started with the Microsoft Cloud Essentials Pack and I’m now moving up towards cloud accelerate!

One of the reasons I like the Essentials Pack is the benefits it provides in terms of software, marketing and simple business tools and there is no fee or sales requirement in the first year!




From the web site above, the benefits are:

Software Benefits
Microsoft Technology
License Grant
Microsoft Office 365
250 licenses
Windows Intune
Subscription for 25 PCs
Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online
250 licenses
Windows Azure platform
750 hours of extra-small-compute instance, 25 hours of small-compute instance, 20 gigabytes of storage, and 250,000 storage transactions
  • Microsoft SQL Azure Web Edition database: 1 gigabyte
  • Windows Azure AppFabric: 100,000 access control transactions and 2 service bus connections
  • Data transfer: 25 gigabytes in and 25 gigabytes out
Marketing Benefits
Listing as Cloud Essentials partner on the Microsoft Pinpoint online marketplace
Marketing resources
Business Benefits
Online sales and financial modelling tools
  • Demo Showcase
  • Profitability Modeller
Presales and technical support
  • Online Technical Communities for cloud services
For Partners Who Sell and Service
For Partners Who Build and Develop
  • Enrol in the Microsoft Partner Network.
  • Sign the Microsoft Online Services Partner Agreement (MOSPA) and complete introductory training and an assessment.
  • To continue receiving these benefits in your second year of enrolment, you must meet a modest sales requirement of 50 seats per product during your first year of enrolment.
  • Enrol in the Microsoft Partner Network.
  • Sign up on Microsoft Platform Ready and register your application.
Annual Fee
There is no fee for this program.



Posted Thu, Nov 24 2011 4:31 PM by David Overton

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