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Blinging Down the House

I’ve just tweeted on this, but decided to blog on it as well.  The blurb …

“During the summer of 2011, the Windows team here in the UK put out the call to all students with tired technology and faded furniture to enter Blinging Down the House. All they needed to do was to ask for help in the form of a simple video entry. The winning entry would then get their technology makeover with the definitive home entertainment setup. “

The winning student was Jack Rose.  He went from this:

blinging down the house - before

I like the comments of “and I’ve got man boobs, so the Xbox Kinect would come in handy to exercise” and the line about spreading out the vodka shows thoughtfulness!

After all was done he had this:

blinging down the house - after

Perfect in time for Christmas – Xbox, 3D TV, tablet and touch screen PC!




Posted Thu, Dec 8 2011 10:55 PM by David Overton
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