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Got the notice that my Windows Intune account will be upgraded to V2


even though the Windows Intune V2 service has been out for a little while, my existing V1 accounts have not yet been upgraded.  Today I got this e-mail telling me that it was now scheduled to happen in 4 days time.

Alert - Upgrade happening

When I clicked on the link, I was taken to the alert that looks like this in the console:

Alert - in Windows Intune

It talks about the “Account Details page” to find out more information.  I know Windows Intune quite well and I was not sure what the Account Details page was.  However, if we go to the Administration workspace and look at the Administration Overview then at the top of the page we see…

Alert - in Windows Intune - Administration Console - crop

“Planned account migration date: 12/16/2011” – OK, so it is in US date format, but at least it is coming this week!!

I just wanted to share that the updates are coming and where to get the date from.




Posted Mon, Dec 12 2011 8:04 PM by David Overton

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