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Steve Clayton, Microsoft Chief Story Teller at Imagine 2011 on the future as he sees it

Steve presented at this Microsoft Advertising event in late November, but I wanted to share it because it enables us to get a small insight into Microsoft’s goals.  Interesting quotes include “our goal is to make the technology invisible” and “we probably have over 100 computers in our lives”.  He talks about these trends:

  • The cloud
  • Explosion of devices
  • Displays Everywhere
  • Explosion of data
  • Explosion of social computing
  • Connectivity everywhere
  • Natural interfaces

Steve also said he would study as a “data scientist” if he went back to university today as it is and will be the most interesting area to examine!

It was nice to see Steve using the voice interface on Xbox before launch and the US version failing to recognise his accent as well as his daughter already expecting all devices to work this waySmile  I have this at home, it is on all Xboxes now, and it is great plus my kids love it and use it all the time.  It is funny listening to Molly talking to the Xbox – she won’t control it any other way!

You can find all the speakers information, many videos and PowerPoint at the speakers page (Steve is on day two) or for Steve’s stuff in particular, see below.


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