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Windows Intune Case Study - Sora Technologies

Another case study of an IT partner using Windows Intune to manage themselves and their customers.  I liked this comment:

If we had started with Windows Intune, we would have saved approximately $80,000,” says Adams. “Going forward, we expect to save 10% in labour costs because we don’t have to manage servers or write code, which would take one full-time equivalent. We can take care of our customers using fewer resources, which increases our profit margins.”

You can find out more at Microsoft Case Study: Windows Intune - Sora Technologies.

Other notable benefits include:

  • Improved endpoint protection. When Sora deployed Windows Intune, it saw an immediate improvement in endpoint protection. “Windows Intune beat all the endpoint security tools we’ve used, hands down,” says Adams. “We saw an increase of 50 percent in the number of viruses that the service caught, compared to our previous solution.”

  • Better customer service. Sora provides its customers with monthly reporting and updates on hardware life cycles, so it is looking forward to using the enhanced reporting features in the latest version of Windows Intune. “With Windows Intune, we can offer better hardware reports and use them in our monthly emails or customer meetings,” says Adams.

  • Increased business opportunities. Because Windows Intune is a cloud-based service, Sora can expand its reach to customers beyond its local area. “By offering Windows Intune, we hope to open doors to larger customers that need to manage their remote PCs,” says Adams. “Windows Intune and the Microsoft name will really resonate with enterprise customers.”

You can learn more about Windows Intune, or start using it today from www.windowsintune.com.




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