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  • Citrix Essentials seems to be edging out the partners whilst Awingu is welcoming them

    Azure RemoteApp was the official Microsoft way to run your Windows Desktop Applications on Azure and access them from any device. The service was only available for a short time before Microsoft closed the solution stating that you would need a partner’s software to complete a solution. Awingu is one such partner, offering the ability to access your Windows applications via any html browser on any device without the need for plug-ins or downloads, while ensuring a highly secure solution. Awingu offers so much more than this though as Awingu is a Workspace Aggregator. We offer Single Sign On to all your cloud applications and access to all your files, whether on internal file shares or stored in cloud solutions. This is wrapped in security while enabling easy collaboration. Have a look at http://www.awingu.com/awingu-vs-azure-remoteapp to see how much more Awingu offers. We expect our partners to implement and manage the solution and if they want, our partners can deliver this as a multi-tenant service to...
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  • How to find out about service disruption for Office 365, BPOS, Windows Azure and Windows Intune

    Hi, I got this e-mail from Microsoft, but wanted to share with all should you ever need to get this information.  The key elements are:       1. Today: Educate Yourself 2. During the Event: Stay Informed 3. After the Event: Understand the Situation 1. View service status via the Service Health Dashboards BPOS: Americas: https://health.noam.microsoftonline.com Europe: https://health.emea.microsoftonline.com Asia/Pacific: https://health.apac.microsoftonline.com Windows Azure Service Health Dashboard Windows Intune Service Service Status 2. Office 365 Within the Dashboard, Click on "Service Health" in the left column of the Admin Overview under Support 3. Sign up for Windows Azure and BPOS-S RSS Feeds via the Service Health Dashboards 1. Track customer updates on the service dashboards 2. Subscribe to Twitter Handles: @MSOnline @Office365 @Windows Intune @Windows Azure The Microsoft Online Services Team will convey the latest updates via the above Twitter Accounts. 1. Request the Post...

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