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  • Good WPF 4.5 cookbook from Pavel Yosifovich

    I was looking for a book to bring me up to date with WPF and XAML and talking to my publishers, Packt Publishing, then offered me the Windows Presentation Foundation 4.5 Cookbook by Pavel Yosifovich. I was hoping to review this book sooner, however Christmas and illness got in the way, so here is my slightly late review.  In simple terms, this was an excellent book for me.  I write in both C# and VB.Net (more VB than C#).  I’ve never used WPF or XAML except in the designers from Microsoft and my work is basically hacking those tools without enough experience.  There are lots of features that I could not get working, so I simply coded around them with my 10-20 year old programming knowledge.  This book has enabled me to change this. The book is 437 pages long excluding the index and there are 80 “recipe's” in the book.  While you can dip in and out at random, as with all good knowledge acquisition, starting at the beginning offers the best platform to understand the more complex...
  • How to Use Office Conditional Formatting to put in icon sets comparing a range of cells, or relative references as Office calls it

    So it has been a while since I last dropped out a blog, but this one was useful to me at work, so I thought I would share. Office 2016 (or 2013 and 365) has some lovely functions, one of them being conditional formatting. I use this quite a lot, but one thing stumped me. Below is what I wanted to get to: When I wanted to compare to tables of data and put in place icons to show if the data had moved up or down, I could not do it. Excel would politely tell me that “This type of reference cannot be used in a Conditional Formatting formula” Now, not being one to like these limitations, I realised that I could do it cell by cell, but that would be an awful lots of mouse clicks, so I’ve written this short piece of VBA to do it for you. To open the VBA environment, press-Alt-F11 then right click your VBAProject and select Insert Module. You can then paste the code from below into that window and modify the CompareIcons sub to match your needs. The “CompareIcons” sub makes a call GenericIconsComparison...
  • Citrix Essentials seems to be edging out the partners whilst Awingu is welcoming them

    Azure RemoteApp was the official Microsoft way to run your Windows Desktop Applications on Azure and access them from any device. The service was only available for a short time before Microsoft closed the solution stating that you would need a partner’s software to complete a solution. Awingu is one such partner, offering the ability to access your Windows applications via any html browser on any device without the need for plug-ins or downloads, while ensuring a highly secure solution. Awingu offers so much more than this though as Awingu is a Workspace Aggregator. We offer Single Sign On to all your cloud applications and access to all your files, whether on internal file shares or stored in cloud solutions. This is wrapped in security while enabling easy collaboration. Have a look at http://www.awingu.com/awingu-vs-azure-remoteapp to see how much more Awingu offers. We expect our partners to implement and manage the solution and if they want, our partners can deliver this as a multi-tenant service to...
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  • Webinar: Overcoming the challenges of a Dispersed Workforce Apps, Data and Security

    British Computer Society on delivering solutions for remote working during the Covid Pandemic.


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