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Get a Microsoft Certification - its easier and there is more on offer
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Why get Certifications?

Customer satisfaction - Sixty-six percent of managers believe that certifications improve the level of service and support offered to customers.

Revenue results - “Financially successful companies typically invest more in certifying their internal technical team.” Cushing Anderson, Vice President, IDC’s IT Education and Certification research.

Project outcomes - High-level performance is achieved when 40% to 55% of a team are Microsoft Certified Professionals.


Things that make getting a certification easier

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  • IW Skills Accelerator – helping partners get skilled on the Office 2007 technologies. Offer ends 31st July 2008.

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Posted Mon, Jan 28 2008 9:44 AM by David Overton


Terry wrote re: Get a Microsoft Certification - its easier and there is more on offer
on Mon, Jan 28 2008 12:22 PM

"Sixty-six percent of managers believe that certifications improve the level of service and support offered to customers."

...And how many of those were also asked " Have you ever asked for certification or know what skill set they provide?"

If you ask a loaded question, your going to get a loaded response in the same way...

"Do you believe that English Call Centers improve the level of service and support offered to customers"

While I know the reasoning behind certification - to confirm his / her knowledge and level of competency, in the 15 or so years I have been trading not once have I ever been asked about certificates. Companies want to know that they can have support at the right price and level.

Sure, I have looking into getting MS certificates, but the costs are ridiculously high and quickly get out of date as new OS's are released. While £1k in London could be a day rate, thats a months salary around here in Devon. Its also why I may not be able to be a partner in the future because I can't afford to pay MS to sell your software, and pay the WEEE to sell the hardware that it sits on.

Excessive costs will kill parts of this industry.

David Overton wrote re: Get a Microsoft Certification - its easier and there is more on offer
on Tue, Jan 29 2008 10:17 AM


this is about personal certifications, not being a MS partner.  To get a personal certification could be as easy as reading a book or using a product from the action pack and then take an exam, which last time I checked was easily under £90 and we currently offer the safety net options and assistance.

On the being a MS partner front, as always, if you don't see the value, let the team know, but most people say that being a partner shows real benefit - in terms of access & attention to/from Microsoft and ability to influence customers and other parnters and bodies.



Derek Pavatte wrote re: Get a Microsoft Certification - its easier and there is more on offer
on Wed, Jan 30 2008 1:21 AM

What would happen without certification?  Seems like its an inherent trait, but what I wonder is how to convince people to buy Vista when they're accustomed to using XP.

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