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Microsoft Desktop Optimisation Pack including Softgrid and Sys Internals - 1/2 day technical overview

The half day overview for partners is scheduled for 28th March in Reading at Microsoft Thames Valley Park

44SE002 - Microsoft Desktop Optimisation Pack: why it’s more than just Softgrid

44SE002 - Microsoft Desktop Optimisation Pack: why it’s more than just Softgrid     Summary This event provides the background to Microsoft Desktop Optimisation Pack, its components, licencing, positioning, strategy and future. It includes a drilldown on the Softgrid application virtualisation technology.   Recommended Audience This event is aimed primarily at technical sales staff within partner organisations delivering Microsoft desktop and infrastructur

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Detailed Agenda

  • Background and context: overview and positioning of
    • Core Infrastructure Optimisation (IO)
    • Software Assurance (SA): range of benefits eg Desktop Deployment Planning Service
    • Microsoft Desktop Optimisation Pack: positioning within SA
    • Licencing
    • Elements available outside SA
  • MDOP (Microsoft Desktop Optimisation Pack)
    • Technical overview of all 4 components
    • Example scenarios
    • Relationship to other tools
    • Future strategy
  • Softgrid
    • Applications: The Root of Complexity
    • Approaches to Cure Complexity
    • SoftGrid’s Mission: Software as a Service
    • What It Does (and Doesn't do)
    • Microsoft SoftGrid Benefits
    • SoftGrid For Windows Desktops
    • SoftGrid For Terminal Services
    • SoftGrid Virtual Application Servers
    • SoftGrid Sequencer
    • SoftGrid Management Web Service
    • SoftGrid Data Store
    • Application Virtualization Explained
    • On-Demand Streaming of Virtual Apps
    • Putting it all together
    • SMS 2003 Operating modes
    • Considerations / Thoughts
    • SoftGrid RoadMap




Posted Wed, Mar 7 2007 7:54 AM by David Overton
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The World Simplified is a Virtual World wrote Microsoft Desktop Optimisation Pack including SoftGrid and Sys Internals - 1/2 day technical overview
on Thu, Mar 22 2007 12:09 AM

Ok So Mr Bennett and I are running the SoftGrid Section of a technical community day at TVP on the 28th

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