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Sync for Windows SkyDrive

[updated 25/02/2013] - The next version has now been submitted to Microsoft.  Information on the updated version can be found here.

This is an update on my Sync tool.  Thank-you to all those who have provided input, submitted bugs and made other suggestions.

The updated version is not yet ready to go into the Windows Store yet, but feedback and suggestions are still welcome.  I’ve been asked by Microsoft to change the logo and name, so this is what we now have:



  • Adding selective folder sync
  • Made more “metro like” with reduced colours, no rounded corners, remove gradient background
  • Bug fixing on file upload
  • Bug fixing on file download
  • Detect deleted files to enable removal
  • Removed the cache files from the SkyDrive sync folder
  • Sync activities now reported in flip out panel
  • New 1st time experience
  • Link to web site included in the settings menu

Hopefully the updates will make people happy and unless you are syncing all your folders, after the first time start-up, scanning of both local are SkyDrive folders will be faster.

The new look will be something like this:

When selecting folder – the ability to select whole trees (double tap/click), single folders (single tap/click) and collapse folders (italic to show content is hidden):

Screenshot (72)

When in file selection mode, folder names in bold have updated files in them:

Screenshot (71)

The request list currently has the following in it:

  • Background sync (from the lock screen)
  • Auto select all new and changed files when opening the app


I hope to post an update for next week.






Posted Tue, Feb 12 2013 8:33 AM by David Overton


David Overton's Blog wrote Simple SkyDrive Sync for Windows 8 and Windows RT
on Tue, Feb 12 2013 8:34 AM

It has taken a while to get there, however this project is now complete.  I’ve managed to write

Christopher wrote re: Sync for Windows SkyDrive
on Tue, Feb 19 2013 12:15 PM

I've seen Simple Skydrive Sync had been removed from the store. Any chance "Sync for" to be released soon ?

Thanks for your work.

David Overton wrote re: Sync for Windows SkyDrive
on Wed, Feb 20 2013 1:16 AM


I've finished what I hope is the last performance fix for when a large number of files are shown.  I'm now doing the final fit and finish and testing.  I hope to publish this in the next 2 days, however the day job is taking up some time too!

davidsmi wrote re: Sync for Windows SkyDrive
on Wed, Feb 20 2013 2:45 PM

If there is a way to help with testing prior to store let me know.


David Overton wrote re: Sync for Windows SkyDrive
on Wed, Feb 20 2013 5:45 PM


If you have a computer with a developer license from the Microsoft Store then I can share the package with you.  Unfortunately, Microsoft does not allow sharing of Windows 8 applications in any other way.



davidsmi wrote re: Sync for Windows SkyDrive
on Wed, Feb 20 2013 6:47 PM

Many computers, including Surface RT - I have a TechNet subscription - so maybe I can find it there!

David Overton wrote re: Sync for Windows SkyDrive
on Mon, Feb 25 2013 11:53 PM

I've submitted the next version to Microsoft, so hopefully things will move forward quickly.



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