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How to use the new Security features in Vista and Internet Explorer to stop malware (spyware and viruses) from infecting your computer - all in a Video presented with Silverlight

The Video

I have delivered a number of Vista and Office demos over my time, so I decided to record a number of them for others to borrow, use, learn from or anything else they choose.

This video covers the following subjects in enough detail for people to hopefully understand what they need to know on how to use these features in Windows Vista and understand how to be a little safer online:

  • Phishing protection in Internet Explorer
  • ActiveX blocking in Internet Explorer
  • Windows Defender in Windows Vista

To see the video played using Silverlight (just try it) click here*. I am hoping that in the near future that the WMV file will be available at new bCentral - the UK Small Business Center on MS.com.  At the moment it is not available there, but a copy can be found here

* it will take a few moments to open if you have Silverlight installed and require you to download Silverlight if you don't, but it is a 1MB download

How I made it

I simply ran through part of my normal demo talking as I went.  When presenting to an audience it is easy to correct anything you do without anyone caring, however I tried to fix up the videos so this was not a problem.  This has one drawback which is that the sound is not that good (one of those things I want to fix, but have not yet got round to) due to editing & cutting of the videos. I find it really hard to talk and move the mouse to the right place at the same time without a fluff in either my words or my mouse movements.

Having captured the video is was simple to turn them into "Silverlight" Videos that were hosted on the Silverlight Streaming site for your pleasure - if you like them I can do more.  Feel free to re-record the audio and play for your customers of make as a download for them.

I have cut 10 videos to date and will release them over the next 2 weeks.  The videos cover:

For Vista - How to

For Office 2007 - How to

For Both - How to

  • take your files with you using Vista Offline folders and Office Outlook 2007 and Windows SharePoint Services V3



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David Overton's Blog wrote How to use Office Outlook 2007 with any internet connection and how to access Outlook Web Access from any web browser - all in a Video presented with Silverlight
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The Video I have delivered a number of Vista and Office demos over my time, so I decided to record a

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